We Offer Partial Cash On Delivery

What is Partial Cash On Delivery?

We take some advance (INR 200-500) in our account depending on the order amount before dispatching the cash on delivery order.

 For orders under INR 5000, the booking amount would be INR 200

For orders above 5000, the booking amount would be INR 500

Please Note : The booking amount will be non-refundable if the client still refuses to accept the package. If you're unavailable at the moment to take the package and the package gets back to our office and you want us to reship it, the package will go in prepaid courier only. COD will not be done twice in any condition. 

Why Partial Cash On Delivery?

1. To Avoid Fake Orders.

2. Sometimes the Logistic (courier) Companies Doesn't Deliver The Product. They are highly beneficial in this as the seller has to pay two way charges this way (going and coming back to the origin)

3. To Avoid Blocking Product That Will Be Stuck In The Transit That Other Clients Could Purchase Leading to Cancellations.

4. Unavailability of Cash At The Time Of Delivery Leading To Returns Of The Package. The Clients act more responsible when they have partially paid for the package.


How Can A Client Believe That Their Money Is Safe?

1. You can contact us on our official contact number : +91-8288897979 whenever you have any query. This is our only official contact number.

2. Our team can video call you and pack your package in front of you.

We would do anything to gain your trust in our brand; We are continually posting boxing and unboxing videos, reviews,client pictures,reels, sometimes our warehouse inventory videos too on our instagram page (elaclosetindia) leaving no sign of doubt.


What Are The Shipping Charges For Partial Cash On Delivery?

We charge INR 100 for Cash On Delivery.


Why Is Your Prepaid Shipping Free And Cash On Delivery Chargeable?

Cash On Delivery Is Ultra Expensive. We tried doing it for free but it didn't work out. Prepaid Shipping will be free for lifetime at ELA CLOSET INDIA.


 Do We Get Patent Gift Box Of ELA In Cash On Delivery Packages?

Yes! We Send Our Gift box with all the packages.